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10 Most Important Trends in Artificial Intelligence

Alexa, educate me about the 10 most essential trends in Artificial Intelligence. Agree or not, we all have adapted ourselves to the Artificial Intelligence tools, and now they are affecting our way of life, work, and even our pleasures. With the latest AI developments and the recent AI trends, the world is becoming a better place to live in. They give a sense of ease and security, right from Siri and Alexa becoming your personal assistants to Telsa taking you places. From Cogito to Pandora, to Nest, AI has reached places that humans always wanted to visit. They were designed as a helping hand for sure, but soon it seems like they have taken over the hands themselves.

Well, 2019 is undoubtedly going to see some notable trends in the AI just as we had earlier seen some great AI trends in 2018. The current trends in AI that have been backed by in 2018 have some of the great machine learning techniques, and that is going to be of great help in the future trends of Artificial Intelligence As the year goes by, let us talk about the most prestigious Artificial Intelligence trends that are going on.

Customers will have conversations with AI:

10 Most Important Trends in Artificial Intelligence 2 (i2tutorials)

Well, our day starts with the talking to Google Home and Amazon Echo. When checked out the sales of Amazon smart speakers last year, they were evaluated to be around 20 million. Not to even begin with the smart devices as Apple Airpods and Google Home. People around the world have started interacting with Artificial Intelligence, and that has lead to a significant trend in the future of the AI. The AI assistants have surely spoilt us all and 2019 is going to see more of it. In 2019, the consumption of AI assistants will become even more as the consumers will find comfort in the voice-based interfaces. Smart assistants have already become a big part of our computers and other electronic gadgets. They are going to be a boon for all purchasers out there.

Challenging diseases? AI will fight:

Ever heard of cryptocurrency technology? AI and cryptocurrency technology have collaborated in Nano Vision. The peer-to-peer computers can challenge everything. They even analyze personal data. Nano Vision is the technology that was inspired by the amalgamation of two tech trends, namely blockchain and AI. A unique Nano cryptocurrency is used for participation in the program, and the users are even rewarded for participation in one. New drugs, treatments, and even cures are identified and analyzed in a fraction of time and cost with the new machine-learning technology.

Let’s talk about the peer:

Peer-to-peer computers have been a new trend in the AI industry. For any company to work correctly, excellent computing power is required. With the significant rise of peer-to-peer networks, even small organizations are going to have the superb ability to run advanced AI programs as they work collectively by the power of networked computers. One such company, Research aims to use AI and peer-to-peer networking, and it has decided to bring transparency to the whole world of search engines. It plans to use cryptocurrency to lend the computing powers for their personal computers, and the startup has already raised $5 million in funding.AI is going to play a large part in the future.

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Content Creation can never be this easy:

It does get very tiring when you spend most of the time editing videos and add sound effects. Publishers spend a lot more time in creating content for their websites and social media. Creating content has been a task and continuously bring out the creative is a big challenge. There are tools like Wibbitz help to create videos in minutes. Compelling videos can be done here. Same as Wibbitz, there is one more tool as Wordsmith, which is produced by Automated Insights, here the words are provided, natural-language set up is done, and it becomes easier to write news stories. Grammarly is doing one such task for a while now. 2019 is going to see a lot of tools that will help to create content with the help of latest inventions in AI.

Efficient logistics:

10 Most Important Trends in Artificial Intelligence 3 (i2tutorials)

Maintaining logistics is like climbing a pile of never-ending numbers. Humans work on the logistics, and still, it grows every single day. Companies like Kiva systems, now Amazon Robotics is all set to provide big box retailers with all the calculated logistics solutions with the use of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics. Robots are going to come into the picture where they can work 24/7 and don’t even require lights to see. Now with the help of AI and the advancements that it is going to provide, all the warehouses are soon going to be packed in a digital box.

No need to drive, self-driving cars are here:

We all know Telsa was the first automaker to launch a self-driving automobile. Competition comes into the picture, and Audi is all set to release their self-driving cars in 2019. Audi8 is going to feature a self-driving technology, and it will be capable of driving safely without any driver. Cadillac and Volvo are soon going to join the race.

It will be the front page of every paper:

All the advancements in AI are going to be the front page of every story as they are going to provide a lot of job opportunities, but much more than that, they are going to cause a lot of reasons for unemployment. Just as we talked about in the earlier pointers, self-driving cars and robots doing the logistics. It will soon be a planet where the robots will be doing all the work, and humans will find it difficult to survive. As we know that a coin has two sides, and we have always questioned whether technology has been a boon or a curse? All the automation and Artificial Intelligence will lead to a prominent political thing to talk about.

Make better, knowledgeable employees:

Let’s focus on the right part here. In the future, AI is going to put out a lot of manual work, providing the employees to work on their knowledge and other skills. Today recording calls have become more comfortable with tools like Gong, Chorus, and Jog. Of course, it is going to be a good help for the employees. This technology can coach the employees to efficient speaking and the other algorithms.

How about robot warriors?

No one can challenge the disasters. Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) have tried out many technological breakthroughs that have impacted our lives. They have already brought up GPS navigation, and that has helped the whole of the human race. Now DARPA is working on a project to develop a series of robotics that is designed for the ‘disaster relief’ and even for a combat role. The project has collaborated with Boston Dynamics.

Demand for data scientist’s engineers:

Of course, with the building of the AI and the advanced technologies, man will need to know much more about machine learning techniques. Machines and AI will help to solve a lot of problems and even make predictions, which will be a benefit for the users to analyze the data. With the increase of all the data, data scientists will come into the picture.

Final Word:

With the increase in the use of technology, not only the millennials but also older people have become addicted to technology. Day to day tasks are carried out by them, and they are creating a comforting environment for each and every one out there. It will be a boon to all of us with all the new topics coming up in the AI. However, our scientists and engineers are trying hard to bring up with new technologies, and even the people appreciate it. Let’s see what the future holds.

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