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4 Reasons You Need Backup Power

4 Reasons You Need Backup Power


It’s impossible to escape the stories of blackouts, shaky power grids, and increasingly erratic weather. It’s why more and more people are purchasing backup power sources as a safeguard during emergencies.

There are numerous options for backup power sources, and people use them for varying purposes beyond emergency power supply in an outage. Here are four reasons you should consider purchasing a backup power source.

1. Erratic Power Supplies 

We live in a time of great abundance, but this bounty can cause problems. In recent years there have been an increased number of blackouts and energy shortages caused by various reasons, including inclement weather, war, our ever-dwindling supply of fossil fuels, and messy attempts to bridge to renewable energy.

When choosing a backup energy source, the choice usually comes down to UPS vs. portable power station. Places like hospitals and offices that cannot afford a blackout for more than a few seconds should go for a UPS, while portable power stations can be used for portable energy and as a more general backup for the home.

2. Saves Lives

While most blackouts in the western world are usually an inconvenience at worst, there have been several instances in recent years where a loss of power has equaled loss of life. The winter storm that tore through Texas in 2021 was responsible for 246 deaths. While many were from road accidents, a significant number occurred in homes because of a lack of electricity or an alternative power source being misused.

In hospitals, where an outage means lifesaving equipment turning off, a backup energy source is vital to keep patients alive and calm during a time of incredible stress.

3. Financial Hit

Every minute that power remains off means a financial loss somewhere or another. The Department of Energy reports that blackouts cost U.S. businesses a staggering $150 billion annually, and the financial impact is on an individual level also.

Property damage, spoiled food, loss of productivity for those working from home, alternative housing, and emergency supplies can all add up. While everybody experiences the financial hit in different ways, it’s thought that loss of electricity causes the U.S. public to lose around $79 billion yearly.

4. Peace of Mind

One factor that can’t be quantified through numbers is the peace of mind that a backup power source provides. For many, a blackout causes minimal stress and interruption. Still, for children, the elderly, and those suffering health issues, a sudden loss of power that continues for hours can be a terrifying experience.

Knowing you have a backup energy supply ready to go means you’re prepared for the worst and have removed that nagging dark cloud often hanging over us when talk of storms arrives.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a backup energy source makes sense on many levels. From safety and peace of mind to the massive financial hit that a sustained blackout can deliver, having backup power eases the burden substantially. It’s one less thing to worry about as that enormous winter storm approaches.


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