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5 Helpful Tips to Get the Most Out of School Visits in Dubai


If you’re having difficulty selecting the right school for your children in Dubai, visiting the campuses of your shortlisted options may just be what you need to make a decision.

A campus tour is the smartest way to determine if a school is right for your little ones. Even a short visit can help you discover the institution’s strengths and weaknesses.

Additionally, a school tour is the best way to get an idea of its atmosphere and dynamics, including the teaching methodologies and concepts, learner engagement and the level of respect between students, teachers and administrators.

It can also help you ascertain if the school offers an inspiring, engaging and safe learning environment.

Scheduling a school visit is straightforward; you can book a tour through their website or by speaking with a staff member. Most of the time, you can get more details about the process through their virtual admission centre.


Making the Most of School Tours

Scheduling a school tour is the easiest part of the entire school selection process. But to maximise your visit and ensure it can help you make the right decision, you need to prepare for it.

Below are some helpful tips you can follow to get the most out of your school visits:


1. Do some research before your actual visit.

Although the campus tour gives you the opportunity to learn more about the school, you don’t want to waste your time asking questions that you can get answers to easily.

These include questions about the school’s curriculum, fees, start and schedule of classes, transportation services and students’ access to a nurse or emergency medical care.

Most of the time, you can get details about the academic programme, tuition fees, class schedules, bus services, the presence of a clinic, and other related information on the school’s website. As such, you can get the answers to these questions without speaking to an admissions staff.

To get more out of your school visit, study their website and take note of information you can’t seem to find on it and make sure you ask the relevant questions during the campus tour.

Some important questions you may want to ask during your visit are:

  • What is the average class size for each year?
  • How is technology integrated into the curriculum?
  • What additional learning resources do students have access to?
  • What are your anti-bullying policies?
  • What support do you provide academically advanced students?
  • What support do you provide students who are not meeting academic standards?
  • What speciality classes and extracurricular activities do you offer?
  • What services and support do you offer graduating students?
  • Do you include parents in certain activities and important decisions?

Also, be attentive throughout the tour and ask questions that pop into your mind as you visit the classrooms and facilities, observe the students and speak with the teachers and other staff.


2. Be observant.

On the day of your school visit, practise your observation skills.

Upon arrival, see if the campus is surrounded by a secure fence and gate. Check how many entrances the school has, too.

Once inside, scan the outdoor spaces and facilities. See if they are spacious enough to give students and teachers plenty of room to move around.

Additionally, check the facilities and fixtures outside. These include the playground and play equipment, garden and outdoor dining area if there are any.

Take note of what’s in the halls and inside the classrooms as well. Assess if these spaces can support your children’s learning and other activities and if they will be comfortable staying in them.

Lastly, check the bathrooms, canteen, library, counselling centre and other rooms and areas your children will likely use or frequent. Consider their cleanliness and ascertain whether they are well-maintained or not.


3. Ask to observe ongoing classes.

If you’re looking for a school for your children when the term has already started, ask the admissions staff or the person giving you the tour if you can observe an ongoing class.

Pay attention to how the teacher delivers the lesson and how interested and inspired the students are in class.

As you observe, think about how knowledgeable, confident and passionate the teacher is. Try to gauge the interest and engagement level of the students as well.

Additionally, consider the atmosphere inside the classroom. Is it calm or chaotic?

This can give you an idea of how well the teacher can maintain discipline and organisation inside the classroom.


4. Take note of the staff and teachers’ attitudes.

Your children can feel more comfortable and surely thrive in a welcoming and pleasant learning environment. As such, it is vital to have an idea of how friendly the teachers and staff are.

Assess how friendly, polite and helpful the front office and admissions staff are when you speak with them.

While observing a class, take note of how enthusiastic the teachers are, particularly when students ask them a question.

Also, get a feel of how open, patient and honest the teachers are if you get to speak with them.

Try to ask the staff and teachers you talk to if they enjoy working at the school. If they say yes, you can get an assurance that your children can be comfortable and have a pleasant experience here.


5. Consider bringing your children during the tour.

Going on the campus tour with your children can help make it easier for you to decide if the school is a good fit for them or not.

During your school visit, your children can see first-hand their potential classrooms and facilities they will frequent and use. You can ask them if they like the premises and feel comfortable and safe there.

Also, encourage your children to speak with the staff and teachers. Let them ask questions about things they want to know, such as the clubs, sports and extracurricular activities they can join.

Ask them if they got the answers they were looking for, felt comfortable asking questions and if they perceive the staff and teachers as friendly and welcoming.

If you’re still shortlisting your options, you don’t have to bring your children to your school visit.

You can have your little ones accompany you during your second visit, when you’re close to making a decision.

And once you’re ready to decide which school to enrol your children in, involve them in the final selection. When they like their learning environment, they enjoy, grow and thrive personally, socially and academically.

A campus visit is an important part of finding the right school for your children in Dubai.

When you follow these tips, you can go through the process efficiently and successfully.


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