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6 Tips to Become a Pro in ReactJS


React JS has now become one of the most popular libraries used by front-end developers because it makes them better and helps them create cleaner codes. The high success rate of the tool has made the demand for react developers increase in the market, and anyone who knows the best of it is the most demanded developer among the businesses. However, there’s no limit to react. No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced developer, when you are working with react, you will always find ways to be better.


Becoming a pro at reactjs is just as similar as becoming a pro at how to create a Wikipedia page. Yes, I know both are two different skills, but being a pro at these skills is the demand of both their markets. 


So, if you want to rule the reactjs market, here I have listed a few tips that you can use; 


  • Learn & Use Prop-types 


Have you ever heard about prop-types in reactjs? Well, if not, then this is your sign to look for them and use them in your codes to make things easier for you. It is a special module in reactjs that allows type-checking in your code in relevancy with the props. 


Let me explain how these prop types work. For example, you created a reactjs code where the parent element is supposed to give you an object prop, but instead, it is giving you an array. So, what would you do? Because this will affect your app negatively, and it will not work as you expect it to. So, to avoid such chaos, the reactjs uses introduces the prop-types. 


It lets you define in your code what type of prop must be shown in the result, and if something else occurs, it brings an error. Using the prop-types, you identify your expectations from the code in the code itself so that there will never be a mislead in the running. This makes it a lot easier for developers to create codes where they can get their desired results. 


  • Master at JSX 


As a reactjs developer, you might not get to interact a lot with HTML but a syntax extension called JSX. When you get to it, you will feel that it is a lot similar to HTML, or you can even say it is the HTML of Reactjs. So, if you want to become a pro at reactjs, we would suggest you be a pro at JSX. And if you have worked with HTML and CSS before, JSX will come to a lot easier for you. 


It makes it a lot easier for you in the process of app development because then you can simply create the entire application by using react.createElement() function with JSX. Keep in mind that when you begin using the JSX, you might feel like using the HTML only, but it is when you get deeper, and then you will see the magic it does for you! 


  • Switch To Functional Components & Hooks 


When I would suggest you switch from classes to the functional components and hooks in reactjs, I am sure you might think that I sound controversial. Well, it is true; I do recommend that! I am not against using the classes methods, but for me, the functional components and hooks are what define the future reactjs. Most of the new libraries that reactjs are developing are directed toward the hooks. 


So, the tip here is to use functional components and hooks when you start a new react project to enhance your code and make it cleaner. However, if you are already working on a react program with classes, continue it as it is because refactoring will bring chaos. 


  • Use React Dev Tools 


What makes a developer the best? The dev tools? Well, yes, but you need to be a competent developer to know how to use these dev tools perfectly. React Dev Tools is available as an extension in both chrome and Firefox, which makes it a hundred times easier to debug your application. How it happens is that with the help of these dev tools, you can get all the details, such as state, hooks, and props for every component used in the code of your application. 


There is also a secret to using these dev tools; with these, you can also have limited access to the code base of some of the top websites on the web, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can use this benefit to learn from their codes and improve yours! 


  1. Create Small and Reusable Components 

One of the best features of reactjs is that it allows you to add everything to one component. These components are the small parts of the code that mix and match together to help you create a cleaner code for your application. So, the tip for you to improve here is to create smaller components. Use command functions and add the relevant functions to these commands instead of using long statements to write your code. 


As a pro reactjs developer, you must also learn how to make these components reusable. While we are sure that you can’t reuse them all but there are some that could be reused, and you should know which and how. These reusable components are usually the generic ones that are common in almost all codes! 


  • Always Be Open To The New Learning 


This tip is not a development tip yet an improvement one. As I have mentioned earlier that reactjs is growing rapidly and is introducing a new thing every now and then, so you need to make sure that to become a master in react, you need to be open to new learning. You need to be focused and keen to see what’s coming and practice as much as you can! Only learning and practicing will get you where you want as a react developer! 



Development in reactjs is not an easy task; there are a lot of things that you need to explore. But if you are good at coding and development, you will get there fast. Moreover, many frontend developers find reactjs much more interesting than their regular approach, so that’s one reason to keep digging. Follow all the tips and make yourself a better reactjs developer! 


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