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A Few Misconceptions About Singapore’s Home Tuition


Although Singapore is now being called a modern “tuition nation,” Singapore’s home tuition is not an easy task as it seems for most parents. All parents know that they need to place a top priority on their children’s academic results. Thus, some parents fear that they might get the wrong tutor from the wrong tuition agency and waste precious time and money, and not to mention set back their children’s improvement and grades.


As one of the best (even considered number 1) in Singapore’s home tuition industry, FamilyTutor is shedding light on a few misconceptions based on research and experience that can put off parents into getting a private tutor for their children. Take a look at the following:


Home tuition is only for the academically-challenged

This is partly true because private tutoring has always been basically meant for students with low-academic competence and to give them a chance to catch up with their lessons and salvage poor grades. But this is only part of the truth, especially in Singapore’s present highly competitive education system. Private tutoring can also be a tool to maintain good grades or establish a strong foundation for hard subjects like maths, chemistry, physics, and economics.


Home tuition is only useful for the exam period or for college admission

Based on the above, private tutoring also proves useful for students preparing for major exams or college admission. However, this is not the only purpose of home tuition. Some parents may fail to realise that their children requires needed attention as soon as grades start going down or at the start of learning to establish a strong foundation.


In addition, parents need to understand that private tutors will never be magicians that turn struggling students into academic achievers at the eleventh-hour. To get children to learn better and gain learning skills is a constant process that needs time.


Private home tutors are not familiar with the ever-changing school syllabus

Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) is constantly updating all subject syllabuses to adapt to the world’s learning shifts. Likewise, the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) alters examination syllabuses and levels in conjunction with MOEs updates and changes. A misconception from parents is that private tutors are not up-to-date with the MOEs updates. In reality however, most tutors are current or ex-MOE teachers with access to all changes, updates, tools, and resources from their subject and syllabus of specialisation.


Private tuition is only an added pressure to children

Students face more stress from the ever-changing curriculum and syllabuses, and thus, may face struggles from subjects that they are not proficient in. But all it takes is getting the right private tutor to turn everything around, including getting a child to enjoy tutoring lessons and realising that learning a hard subject need not be a struggle. A private home tutor who is passionate to teach a struggling child is bound to transfer this passion and motivation to the child.


Home tuition is expensive

Nothing is further from the truth. Of course parents need to accept the fact that getting a private tutor for a tertiary subject will cost more compared to tutoring for a secondary subject, and of course, for the primary level. In truth, in getting a cheap private tutor, parents can only expect cheap results as well. Parents need to understand that private tutors with excellent qualifications and specialised backgrounds and experience need to command competitive rates. That means, tuition agencies can guarantee to parents that their tutors are providing the best quality tutoring for any level to all types of students.


From FamilyTutor

When searching among Singapore’s home tuition agencies, FamilyTutor is the number one home tuition in Singapore. We have a proven track record as shown in our customer reviews and a 98% happiness score among parents and students. Our proven track record also shows that students improve 1-3 levels on their grades in just 4 months. Students also experience an increase in positive learning and self-confidence. This is because all our tutors are rigorously vetted, interviewed, and hand-picked, selecting those with outstanding qualifications and experience. We do not hire substandard tutors. We have reasonable hourly rates with 100% price transparency; zero agency fee and no hidden costs.


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