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  • Category:- Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Computer Vision, Robotics
  • Domain:- Machine learning platform
  • Founders:-  Barry Behnken, Luis Dussan, Ransom Wuller
  • Established:- Feb 19, 2013
  • Number:- 11-50
  • Operating Status:- Active
  • Funding Status:- Venture – Series Unknown
  • Website:- www.aeye.ai
  • Country:- United States
  • Latest in news:- Business Wire — AEye’s New AE110 iDAR System Integrated Into HELLA Vehicle at IAA in Frankfurt

Mind-blowing Facts About AEye’s Technology

Everyone will now agree that artificial intelligence has simplified life immensely. Who would have thought that a car would drive itself? Thanks to brilliant minds like AEye’s technology co-founder Mr. Luis Dussan, the technology is now implemented in different areas of human life. Do you desire to know self-driving cars operate? Well, you’re reading the right blog, as all these details will be highlighted.

What Makes AEye Company Stand Out?

AEye is widely acknowledged as the sole pioneer of artificial perception. On 19 September 2019, the organization was awarded the Most Creative and innovative Autonomous Driving platform. The famous award is known as AutoSens Award and was awarded at AutoSens Brussel. The award.

The online platform is a human-made perception pioneer and the creator of the perception system. IDAR acts as a visual ‘cortex’ of every autonomous vehicle. Previously, there was a challenge of a lack of an intelligent way of designing a reliable perception system for autonomous vehicles. This is mainly because an autonomous vehicle poses a huge danger to human life in case of any failure.

What technology do Autonomous Vehicles Use?

Thanks to technology, AEye developed a mind-blowing technology that is included in autonomous vehicles, known as LIDAR technology. The technology enables these vehicles to perceive people and objects just like a human being does. This way, self-driving cars can now intelligently evade objects on the road to prevent accidents or loss of human life.

What was more unbelievable was a sensor known as dynamic vixels. This sensor data type mainly uses both 2D cameras pixels as well as Voxels from the LiDAR. Timely integration of the voxels and the camera pixels ensures on-time data handling. Artificial intelligence is now able to evaluate a scene using 2D effectively,3D, as well as the 4D details and identify people, destination, current location, and tracking of the objects. Interestingly, owing to the empowerment, less bandwidth, and less power is required.

In summary, this AEye’s technology has enabled self-driving cars to be more accurate and reliable than driven vehicles. Autonomous vehicles with Idar are now able to track objects and quickly respond to changing conditions intelligently.

Why is Artificial Intelligence a Good Thing for the World?

Some people still argue that artificial intelligence is to blame for problems like; massive unemployment, deaths and destruction of property. However, pause and ponder, how would life be without technologies such as the internet of things, cloud computing, big data, among others?

It’s the high time that the human race gives artificial intelligence due regard. It has led to improved efficiency, saving time, and increased productivity.


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