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AI Computer Chip 'Smells' Danger, Could Replace Sniffer Dogs (i2tutorials)

AI Computer Chip ‘Smells’ Danger, Could Replace Sniffer Dogs

Usually sniffer dogs play the role of smelling the object and identifying the criminals, like that Computer chips using AI might put sniffer dogs out of work, as per the study, at least in the area of smelling dangerous chemicals in drugs, explosives, and other substances.

Intel produced a “neuromorphic” chip called Loihi that reportedly makes computers think like biological brains, where the circuit on the chip, mirroring organic circuits found in the olfactory bulbs of a sniffer dog’s brain, which is how they process their sense of smell.

 According to Daily Mail, chip can identify a specific odor on the first try and even differentiate other, background smells and can even detect smells humans emit when sick with a disease and it varies depending on the illness.

AI chip is trained to identify disparate smells and remember, so that next time, it knows. It processes information just like mammal brains by using electrical signals to process smells.

In open air people smell the air molecules interact with nasal receptors that forward signals to the olfactory bulb in the brain and then brain translates the signals to identify which smell it’s experiencing, based on  previous experiences with the specific smell.

Senior Research Scientist in Intel’s said that, we are developing neural algorithms on Loihi that mimic what happens in your brain when you smell something and have trained it on ten noxious smells, including ammonia, methane, and acetone. 

Very soon sniffer dogs might one day be out of a job, the circuits using AI to mimic the process of smell brings us one step closer to recreating the human sensorium in artificial intelligence.

Source: Intresting Engineering

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