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AI-driven deep tech content startup raises $500K from Venture Catalysts

AI-driven deep tech content startup, which helps brands predict the emotional impact of their content upon their customers’ minds, has raised $500,000 in seed round from Venture Catalysts.-Bengaluru based

Dr Apoorv Ranjan Sharma, President and Co-Founder, Venture Catalysts, said, “With a total addressable market size of $300 billion, the deep tech market for content, in particular, holds great potential. We have faith in the ability of Instoried’s highly-accurate tool to disrupt and lead the market with their unique approach of targeting and catering to specific customer emotions.”

AI-driven deep tech tool is currently available in English and Hindi, but will expand to cover a larger set of vernacular languages in the foreseeable future.

Prior this month, VCats launched a 9Unicorns Fund to identify high-potential, early stage businesses across sectors, including but not limited to domains such as electric vehicles, mobility, AR, VR, AI, ML, fintech, retail, and FMCG.

In recent times, it also participated in a $1.6 million pre-Series A funding round of Mumbai-based AI startup Orbo.ai.


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