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AI is creating jobs in India, not just stealing them

Till now we have heard the news that artificial intelligence is stealing jobs of humans, but there is a report saying that AI is creating jobs in India. If there are no jobs then there would not be any goal to achieve, if there is no goal then the people become, lazy and will not even show interest to work, hence they will be ending up their lives by involving in some illegal activities.

Report: Boris Yue, 20, was one of thousands of student attendees, threading his way among fellow job-seekers to meet recruiters. Hence, Yue wasn’t worried about so much potential competition, the job outlook for those with computer skills are generally good.

Yue says studying artificial intelligence, working on technology that teaches machines to learn and think in ways that mimic human cognition. There is no shortage of machine learning opportunities.

AI is now being used in a large array of products: cars that drive themselves; robots that identify and eradicate weeds; computers able to distinguish dangerous skin cancers, thermostats, speakers and there are many digital assistants that are bringing the technology into homes.

Innovating new applications for AI have also created a shortage of qualified workers in the field. Where Education centers across the country are adding classes, increasing enrollment and developing new programs to accommodate student demand, there are too few potential employees with training or experience in AI.

Source: Times of india

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