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AI matches human brain cancer diagnosis (i2tutorials)

AI matches human brain cancer diagnosis

As per the researchers 10 of the most common types of brain cancer with the same accuracy as human doctors can diagnose and identify with the help of AI computer model.

Worldwide more than 15 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year, and 80 percent of those will undergo surgery. Artificial Intelligence algorithm to analyses brain cancers from more than 2.5 million images.

Researcher’s diagnoses models were comparable to those made by pathologists, they are slightly more accurate, in fact, in the trial doctors made 17 errors whereas the algorithm made only 14.

Ultimately that results fewer complications and better outcomes for cancer patients. He added researchers better equipped to leave healthy tissue behind and remove only the tissue that is infiltrated by tumour cells.

Lead author Daniel Orringer said that, said the findings could help surgeons and patients when it comes to surgical cancer removal. They also suspect that the performance of even some of the most well trained pathologists… could be improved with AI.


Source: CIO.com


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