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AI May Be Pandemic Lifesaver one day (i2tutorials)

AI May Be Pandemic Lifesaver one day

Researchers are using Artificial Intelligence systems to detect the spread of an unusual flu-like illness in Wuhan. WHO released a risk assessment before a full month the UN agency declared a global public health emergency for the novel coronavirus

COVID-19 pandemic is identified the early signals, but the reality is it’s hard to tell when you have an unidentified respiratory illness if it’s a really serious situation,” said Freifeld.

coronavirus is based on eyewitness accounts from inside Wuhan hospitals, pictures of the disinfection of the Wuhan seafood market where the virus originated and a warning by a Chinese doctor

Kamran Khan, founder and chief executive of the Toronto-based disease tracking firm BlueDot said that, “Whenever you’re dealing with a new, emerging disease, you don’t have all the answers and what is your most valuable resource you cannot get it back is your Time.

AI systems have proven to be valuable in tracking epidemics by scouring a diverse array of sources ranging from airline bookings, sensors on connected devices, Weibo and Twitter messages to news reports.

Artificial Intelligence systems have limits, and the big decisions must still be made by humans and AI system as a force multiplier, but we are committed to the concept of having humans in the loop said by Clark Freifeld, a Northeastern University computer scientist working with the global disease surveillance platform HealthMap.

The advance systems are likely to help in several ways, from tracking the outbreak itself to speeding up drug testing and is alsohelping in the containment phase with systems that used “anonymized” smartphone location data to track the progression of the disease and find hotspots, and to determine if people are following “social distancing” guidelines is been said by Khan.

Artificial Intelligence can be used to help find answers to a key set of questions about COVID-19. Let’s hope for the best.

Source: NDTV

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