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Fiverr launches AI-powered automated logo maker

Fiverr Israel-based online market place launched a tool powered by artificial intelligence for designing company logos. It asks users several questions about their business and style preferences, including the brand name, slogan and industry. 

It is an automated program presents Logo with style options including a classic or modern look, fun or serious, and traditional or sophisticated and generates an array of logos in several seconds. 

The Logos are adjusted by the automated tools to suit the specific user’s needs and preferences and are based on the work of top designers in Fiverr. It helps to combine artificial intelligence and human creativity amid fears that automation will replace jobs.

The company said that Logo Maker rests in its approach to combining the creative artwork designed by Fiverr community members and its intuitive Artificial Intelligence algorithms that allow effective logos for businesses in a few clicks.

Fiverr founder and CEO Micha Kaufman said in a statement  ,The future of work is one where Artificial Intelligence supports more people, to create more with less effort and also said Artificial Intelligence tools not only supports their efforts in delivering exceptional work, but also bolsters their opportunities for work and earning potential.

Fiverr said it has served over 5.5 million businesses and carried out over 50 million transactions and also trades under the ticker FVRR and has a market cap of $836 million.

Source: The Times of Israel

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