Google not only listen’s to you, but now it watches too With the Nest Hub Max

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Google not only listen’s to you, but now it watches too With the Nest Hub Max. It offers a glimpse of how this controversial tech might be used in our homes – if people aren’t too turned off by the privacy implications.

Google’s popular Nest Hub counter top computer, which people (including me) use as a digital picture frame, speaker, kitchen TV and smart home controller. It has upgraded with solid functions, with a sharp screen and impressive sound for such a small box. In addition of a wide-angle camera that everyone will be talking about.

The Hub Max takes those camera controversies and says, “Hold my beer.” Rival Amazon Alexa can recognize different people’s voices, but not faces. It’s a symbol that both Google thinks it has better privacy protections – and that consumers are, incorrectly in my estimation, more trusting of Google than of other tech giants.

Google’s face technology opens interesting possibilities for personalization in shared spaces and also built some visual cues and controls for the camera. Along with this other features are  a physical button you can press to cut the camera. And a green light turns on whenever the security camera is live broadcasting, though not while the other camera-sensing features are running.

Finally, as many new Google products the Hub Max also suffers from the same affliction: It’s frighteningly advanced technology that hasn’t identified the problem in our lives that needs solving. None of the camera functions the Hub Max offers today make it worth bringing surveillance inside my house.


Source: NDTV