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How Baidu uses AI to trace missing people in China

Artificial Intelligence is not only useful for innovation of new products, automations, or improving to advance technologies without human power but also helpful to find the missing people, as per the report by Baidu Company.

Baidu company has used Artificial Intelligence in China to find nearly 9,700 missing people and also help visually-impaired people. Its successes can be replicated in India.

In IIT-Madras’ tech fest Robin Li, Co-Founder, CEO and chairman of Baidu, had said that, In China, we have already found over 9,000 missing people using AI, by using facial recognition technology, while dealing a case where a boy was lost at the age of four, and at the age 25 he was identified as that missing person. So with this technology we have found a person who was missing for more than 20 years.

Baidu AI Xunren, launched at the end of 2016, uses the AI technology to identify missing persons, was said by company official. To find a person using AI technology, they just need to upload a photo of a missing person via various channels, including Baidu AI Xunren website, the Baidu AI Xunren Ministry of Civil Affairs’ or Smart Mini Programme on the Baidu App website for missing people. Then the photo will be compared in real-time with the Ministry’s existing database.

On May 2019  Baidu launched the Helping the Visually Impaired programme, is also National Day for Helping the Disabled in China. This technology helps to improve the lives of visually-impaired people.

The company official said that project offers free, AI-powered solutions that assist visually-impaired people with their work, studies, and everyday lives.

Source: BusinessLine

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