If you woke up in five years, you’d struggle to recognize devices due to emerging tech like AI: says Messe Berlin CEO

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You all know the fairytale story of a man in the 18th century who falls asleep under a tree and wakes up 20 years into a completely different world. “Well, if you would go to sleep right now for just five years, and wake up in time for 2025, you will struggle to recognize many consumer electronic devices.”

During a session at this year’s IFA in Berlin, Messe Berlin CEO Dr Christian Goke shared his view of emerging technologies like AI and 5G and their impact.

Goke says, nearly every single home appliance has become a truly digital device ready to take its place in our smart homes. “People don’t really talk about the IoT anymore because it’s just there, it’s the new normal.”

Goke has seen trends evolve over many years. At this year’s IFA, Goke says you’ll see the impact of AI and 5G coming to life. There are certainly more exhibitors than ever on the show floor talking about how they’re now using AI. You will see how connectivity and artificial intelligence are coming totally integrated into our digital world.

According to Dr Reinhard C. Zinkann, member of ZVEI’s board of directors, also spoke of the adoption of AI in everyday devices, 72 percent of robot vacuums now feature “smart” technology.

There are only a few real 5G products around. However, that will be changing rapidly. I believe that 2020 could be the first year at IFA when 5G is ready for launch.”


Source: AI News