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Investment in cloud and Artificial Intelligence to increase in Brazil

In 2020 Investment in technology like Cloud computing and artificial intelligence are ranking on high priorities for local decision-makers in Brazil.

Decision-makers between November and December 2019 has found that 45.6% will pour resources into artificial intelligence projects while 46.1% of executives will be investing in cloud as per the research published by technology company CI&T.

The study also found that Process of automation was another area cited as a priority and 56.2% of executives plan on investing in a department devoted to digital development this year.

By 2020 cloud will be the main driver of business growth, responded by 56.8% individuals as per the study and 49.2% of those polled projects of Internet of Things.

The decision makers focus on Data privacy and security in their businesses that will be impacted by the introduction of data protection regulations in Brazil.

The Brazilian companies will be focused on investing in new technologies as well as education and training of staff as key priorities will be the agenda by 2020.

Source: ZDNet

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