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silicon valley startup invents AI chip

Have you ever seen a gaint computer chip, here comes Silicon Valley startup, Cerebras, is challenging that notion. Usually latest iPhones and iPads chip is smaller than a fingernail, whereas silicon monster is almost 22 centimeters—roughly 9 inches—on each side, making it likely the largest computer chip ever.

Cerebras plans to offer it to tech companies trying to build smarter AI more quickly. According to engineers, it is believed that chip can be used in giant data centers and help accelerate the progress of artificial intelligence.

How it works?

Artificial Intelligence systems built on it are developed using a process called training, in which algorithms optimize themselves to a task by analyzing example data. New AI systems rely on neural networks. Generally network of neurons in the human brain, these complex mathematical systems can learn tasks by analyzing vast amounts of data.

Software established this way is more powerful when it has more data to learn from or the learning system itself is larger and more complex. Some professionals believe these chips will play a key role in the race to create artificial intelligence, potentially shifting the balance of power among tech companies and even nations

“There is monstrous growth in this field,” said Cerebras’ chief executive and founder, Andrew Feldman, a chip industry veteran who previously sold a company to the chip giant AMD.

Cerebras plans to sell the chip as part of a much larger machine that includes elaborate equipment for cooling the silicon with chilled liquid. This chip covers more than 56 times the area of Nvidia’s most powerful server GPU, claimed at launch in 2017 to be the most complex chip ever. Huge companies are building new chips for AI, including traditional chipmakers like Intel and Qualcomm and other startups in the United States, Britain and China.


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