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These startups are making the most of AI to solve social problems

Artificial intelligence is going to be ‘a very, very big disruptor’ for Indian society in next 20 to 25 years, because what one is seeing now in terms of automation and job losses due to automation is just the beginning- said by former Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka, who announced his startup Vianai Systems a few weeks ago.

In the past decade, artificial intelligence has taken a huge leap in providing complex solutions and data. Be it facial recognition on high-end phones, or healthcare where it aids doctors analyse complex medical data to diagnose patients. Now it has reached social sectors too.

Organizers with expertise in AI have come up with staggering solutions to address issues in agriculture, sanitation, clean drinking water, and other socially relevant issues.

Abhilasha Purwar along with her team of Blue Sky Analytics said that Climate change is a cause of concern the world over. In next few years, with the growth in industries and extreme pollution across cities, global warming has led to a huge meltdown in polar caps.

However, Abhilasha Purwar said that AI is now providing high-resolution and high-frequency environmental data to global stakeholders using its in-house proprietary AI-enabled solutions.

Another startup Intello Labs have turned their AI focus on addressing deep and grave agricultural issues. As In India, agriculture is one of the most important sectors fuelling the economy, and it accounts for 18 percent of India’s GDP.  It been said that, it’s important to address the issues faced by farmers in the sector.

In the upcoming years, the platform claims that it brings together more than 1,200 mentors from universities like Stanford, Oxford, MIT, Yale, Harvard, etc., with work experience in companies like Goldman Sachs, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Tesla, etc.

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