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Artificial Intelligence Cyberattacks (i2tutorials)

Using machine learning to hunt down CYBER CRIMINALS

Cyber-attack is commonly done by Hijacking IP addresses by sending spam and malware to stealing Bitcoin. In the study last year the major effects caused to  Amazon and Google and even in nation-states suggested that western countries by reroute their internet traffic through China.

In order predict these incidents in advance by tracing things back to the hijackers themselves?  Some of the common qualities of what they call “serial hijackers,” the team trained their system to be able to identify roughly 800 suspicious networks.

As per the research by MIT lead author Cecilia Testart says that “Network operators normally have to handle such incidents reactively and on a case-by-case basis, making it easy for cybercriminals to continue to thrive.”

It exploits a key shortcoming in the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), a routing mechanism that essentially allows different parts of the internet to talk to each other. Although BGP, networks exchange routing information so that data packets find their way to the correct destination

Customizing the route is a legitimate way to shut down the attack, but it looks virtually identical to an actual hijack. The researchers estimate that the future iterations will require minimal human supervision and could eventually be deployed in production environments.

This would be the best way either validate or redirect the network operator community’s efforts to put an end to these present dangers.

Source: MIT News

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