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Android P: Google’s AI to spare the battery of the smartphone

Running out of battery is probably one of the major apprehensions of smartphone users. Terminal autonomy is therefore an important parameter. And Google is well aware.

That’s why the California giant has been trying to find the way to extend the autonomy of smartphones running on its Android platform. And its solution, as for many other areas, is artificial intelligence.

App usage and brightness control:

For the latest version of its operating system, Android P , Google has worked with the subsidiary Deepmind Alphabet, its parent company. The result is another feature known as “adaptive battery”.

This feature uses artificial intelligence to analyze how users use their phones and identify ways to prevent battery consumption spikes, extending battery life.

To achieve this, Android P will predict what applications will be used in the short term and which applications are consulted only sporadically. Google paused applications used infrequently.

The firm estimates that this approach can prompt an average reduction of 30% in the reactivation of applications and lead to an extension of battery life for Android smartphones.

Google likewise plans to spare battery control by utilizing an element called “adaptive battery.” This controls the brightness of the phone’s screen according to the user’s habits. In the light of day, Android can decrease the brightness of the screen and thus reduce consumption.

“Android is winding up something beyond a operating system of mobile,” said Dave Burke, VP of designing for Android.

Burke disclosed the new highlights of Android P at Google’s yearly I/O gathering , which opened in California.But Android is not the only one of its products for which Google implements AI, or plans to do so during the year.

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