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Artificial Intelligence shaping future business in to 4 Ways

Previously Artificial intelligence makes possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks, but now it has entered to shape future business whether it is a small or big entrepreneur.

AI is used for behavior-based email sequences and opt-in popups to savvy messaging bots and even internal employee satisfaction analysis and helps to increase customer retention, NPS, sales close rate and pre-qualify leads.

AI is playing a major role in business operations and it would be difficult to say where it will be in decade or two.It plays a very prominent role in shaping your business future.

Let’s learn the 4 ways.

1. Emotional analysis:

In this AI will detect human emotions and will respond to it accordingly. It’s been said that emotionally intelligent bots transform your business operations, and this is why they have created an AI startup that is rooted in this technology.

By 2022 your personal device will know more about your emotional state than your own family is said by Annette Zimmermann said in 2018

2. Customer support

Customer support is a service provided to the potential customers where the people want their answers right away. They need to assist customers in making cost effective and correct use of product. Pleasing the customers, their needs and satisfying the customers helps to increase the business revenue.

Companies who are leading the charge into customer support AI products with their flagship answer recommendation tool, Agatha Answers. Forethought is the company designed as a plug-in enterprise solution that can be installed in two days and improve customer support time-to-resolution by up to 30 percent.

Forethought Founder, Deon says that Agatha Answers recommends answers to customer support tickets, decreases time to resolution, and increases agent productivity.

It plays a major role in the future of customer service industry.

3. Sales and lead generation

For instance Take LeadFuze , this tool is an AI-based product focused on sales improvement, and finding the right customer segment and lead where it combines data aggregation from multiple trusted sources.

By 2020 85% of sales-related tasks could be outsourced by the robots, hence AI can reduce call time by up to 70 percent and increase number of leads by 50 percent. It is really beneficial for future entrepreneurs.

4. Talent intelligence

Every time it is not possible to recruit the right talent, sometimes it may be frustrating to find one. Hence AI product delivers a talent pipeline that reduces the time from engaged candidate to interview, curates relevant candidate lists, eliminates bias with blind screening, and drives attention with internal mobility among other features.

Hence these are the 4 ways in which future business of AI depends upon

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