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Artificial intelligence will not let human beings lose their jobs: UN labour expert

Artificial intelligence will take away many people’s work, which has become a reality in media reports. But if we look at the changes that the Industrial Revolution has brought us, we will find that a subversive revolution will make some people unemployed, but they can also recreate a number of jobs. Therefore, many people think that the impact of artificial intelligence will be the same. What kind of occupations will the large-scale application of artificial intelligence bring to us?

The current situation is somewhat different from the technical revolutions of past centuries. The fact is that modern technologies are developing at a rapid pace and are just as rapidly penetrating into all spheres of social life: business, production, public administration, education, etc. Two decades ago, no one suspected what would lead to, for example, the creation of social networks. However, nothing terrible has happened, moreover – social networks have created new professions, millions of people around the world are now earning money thanks to the existence of social networks.

The emergence of “artificial intelligence” and universal computerization really eliminate the need for many “old” professions, but immediately create new professions that also require millions of workers. At least 5 million people in the world now work remotely only through the sites Freelancer.com and Upwork. These are, for example, programmers or lawyers with whom customers communicate through these sites. Thanks to the opportunities provided by computerization and the Internet, yesterday’s “unemployed” lawyer or accountant earns his bread quietly, making contracts or filling out reports to customers from other cities or even countries.

As virtual assistants began to help us respond to e-mail, robots began to replace human work in the manufacturing pipeline. Large-scale automation seems to be coming, and a large number of people will be unemployed. But it’s easy to leave that these automated systems are not “omniscience” and “all-powerful” as we become more anxious.

Artificial intelligence does not lead to widespread unemployment. With the development of human technology, productivity is increasing, and the population is increasing. However, the unemployment rate has not risen significantly, but the living standard is improving. More work has been produced. Artificial intelligence is just a kind of Technology to increase productivity. With the increase in productivity, various sub-divisions of low-tech work will continue to refine the low-end labor that has been released, resulting in, for example, subdivided housekeeping services, finishing clothes in seasons, and high-rise buildings.

So most artificial intelligence is currently only used in very small areas. These artificial intelligences are efficient but “autistic” in their own field. For example, artificial intelligence can communicate with humans efficiently, but he can’t bring you a pleasant communication atmosphere like a comic actor.

For a long time in the foreseeable future, humans will hand over part of the operation and maintenance work to artificial intelligence, and then create new operation and maintenance work. As the new operation and maintenance work matures, some work will be handed over to artificial intelligence. Constantly looping.

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