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  •  Category:- Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Software, Machine Learning, Software, Virtual Assistant
  • Domain:- Deep learning Virtual Assistant Platform for the enterprise
  • Founders:-  Ram Menon, Sriram Chakravarthy
  • Established:- 2014
  • Number:- 51-100
  • Operating Status:- Active
  • Funding Status:- Early Stage Venture
  • Website:- avaamo.ai
  • Country:- United States
  • Latest in news:- PRNewswire — Avaamo Collaborates with Automation Anywhere to Offer Conversational AI to RPA Customers

Avaamo serves you a technology-driven platform that miraculously simplifies the time required to design and deploy enterprise bots or Virtual Assistants (VA) to employees working in corporate and their potential customers.

Avaamo feels that the bots will change the way the customers, employees, and other business stakeholders interact with the business. Avaamo is highly committed to simplifying the process for the business to apply this shift in user computing.

Avaamo is considered as a safe and secured messaging platform that provides expansion, safety, reliability, efficiency, and integration to the business workflows and applications. Avaamo has created a cognitive computing platform that supports a wide variety of solutions in Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, and Telecom Industries.

Avaamo uses two technologies:

  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU)
  • Machine Learning (ML)

This is done to move through structured transaction data, residing in applications and the unstructured data residing in documents, knowledge base and repositories to answer the queries of users in real-time. Just like a human being, Avaamo also learns through practice and with experience and training by using our patented approach to assisted and supervised learning.


  • Avaamo offers a comprehensive NLP based AI engine.
  • It includes behavior library to detect hate, frustration, appreciation, and profanity.
  • It combines Legacy Systems with Systems of Record.
  • It offers specialization in industries such as Banking, Insurance, Telco, Retail, and Healthcare.
  • There are several options to deploy Avaamo in messaging apps, web properties, and current enterprise platforms.
  • It provides enterprise-grade security, entitlements, and scalability. 

Key Components of Avaamo AI Platform


The domain shows the wider business-specific knowledge and intent definitions that can be used again with the bots. Several aspects of training and learning are used at the domain so that the bots are learning constantly.

Designing Tools

Avaamo Design Modules avails Virtual Assistant Designs to customers and allows non-technical Business Analysts and Content Developers to build, design, and apply conversational logic with use of intuitive tools.

Avaamo Cognitive Platform

The main aspect of the Avaamo cognitive platform is a multi-structured and multi-layered highly different set of technology modules that address natural Language Understanding, Conversation Logic, and Machine Learning.

Enterprise Services

Avaamo provides translators the chance to deploy Virtual Assistants to Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and SMS and enterprise channels such as Skype, website, internal portal, SharePoint and mobile app. Avaamo is developed in highly secured enterprise environments with a wide variety of features that are ready for the enterprise.

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