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Understanding Banking Customers (i2tutorials)

Understanding Banking Customers

The understanding between banking customers and a banker is based on good communication between them. However, the basic relationship is governed by the contract law of India of 1872 to establish a valid legal contract for all transactions, either to open a deposit account or to avail of a loan product. from the bank. Today, each product offered and the required relationship is through a structured approach. Since all the details required by the Bank go through certain structured formats and the supply of all the required information.

Through these forms normally You must satisfy a banker to make a quick decision. Only when insufficient information is there, you can may delay to make a decision. Besides, that may lead to the bank not understanding what customers want. In the normal course, a banker knows what customers want as long as the approach is genuine.

How do banks attract customers?

Banks do many things to add customers to their system.

  • Advertising in newspapers, television, billboards and digital media campaign.
  • Offer attractive interest rates on savings accounts or fixed deposits.
  • Provide seamless network banking, debit/credit cards, mobile banking, etc.
  • Offer refunds for the use of the credit card, for example, Makemytrip ICICI Bank or Amazon ICICI Bank credit cards.
  • By offering fuel surcharge exemption.
  • By offering home/car / personal loans at an attractive interest rate.
  • Offering free lifetime credit card.
  • By offering the annual maintenance charge of the Demat account at a discounted price.

Improve customer service system for banking customers:

The biggest problem of the client when dealing with a bank is the number of steps, they must take to do things. Banks can really significantly improve their customer service experience.

Some of the things they can do are:

  • Keep the banking customer informed: customers need to know what is happening with their money. Whether an SMS after each transaction or withdrawal or a monthly statement, customers always need to know where their money is going.
  • Access to information: the biggest problem with banks is the number of steps to follow to access the information. Even if banking customers has to withdraw your account statement, verify loan eligibility, the process is a bit long and tedious. Ensuring that simple information and actions can be taken quickly will provide a better customer service experience.
  • Intelligence: sometimes people go to the bank for every simple requirement. If they don’t go physically, call the helpline for answers. Installing an automatic call answering function or a voice robot will help you eliminate unnecessary use of your service resources.

The banking sector has agreed to use technology to serve customers/customers faster and better and, more importantly, do more and more with fewer resources. Technology has completely changed the accounting and management system in the banking sector. It is the only technology that has changed the banking sector from paper banks and branches to “digitized banks.” Now, it aims to deliver services to banking customers. In line with the same, customers’ expectations touch the heights of the sky a bit; expectations in terms of easier and faster services and fast services.

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