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Blockchain and artificial intelligence integration development

Blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), as emerging technologies, have been well-received in recent years. With the blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies moving forward, more and more people are paying attention to the possibility of the integration of the two. With regard to the combination of blockchain and artificial intelligence, let’s talk about the two briefly.

The blockchain is essentially a decentralized distributed ledger database. In the blockchain system, each node trusts each other through a consensus mechanism, and no intermediary is needed. The data records are saved in synchronization with each node in a timeline format, which is transparent and difficult to tamper with.

Artificial intelligence is the science and engineering that enables intelligent machines and computer programs to learn and solve problems in ways that often require human intelligence, including natural language processing and translation, visual perception and pattern recognition, decision making, and more.

The focus of the blockchain is on keeping records, authentication, and execution accurate, while artificial intelligence helps to make decisions, evaluate and understand certain patterns and data sets, and ultimately create autonomous interactions. Blockchain and artificial intelligence have the following three main characteristics and requirements:

Data sharing:

Efficient data sharing by each node is an important feature of distributed databases. While artificial intelligence requires big data, especially relying on data sharing, the more open data that can be analyzed, the more accurate the machine’s prediction and evaluation, and the more reliable the generated algorithm.


When the blockchain carries large-scale and high-value transactions, there is a high demand for network security, which can be continuously improved through related protocols and technical means. Artificial intelligence also has a high security requirement for machine autonomy control, avoiding accidents as much as possible.


On the blockchain, trust is the premise of trading and recording between nodes. In order to make communication between machines more convenient, artificial intelligence also needs to set different levels of trust. Whether it is blockchain, artificial intelligence or other emerging technologies, trust is a necessary condition for its development and progress.

How does the blockchain help artificial intelligence?

The blockchain helps AI to get more comprehensive data:

A fundamental challenge facing the all-digital world is that blind people feel like they have no organization to take all the data. Even Internet giants like Ali, Tencent, Google, and Amazon can only obtain limited data based on their own business.

Blockchain can help us understand the decision of artificial intelligence:

Sometimes the decisions made by artificial intelligence make it difficult for humans to understand. Because they can evaluate a large number of variables based on the data they have mastered, and they can “learn” autonomously, and make decisions based on the overall task importance of the variables. For us humans, it is difficult to foresee such a large variable.

How does artificial intelligence drive blockchains?

Artificial intelligence helps blockchain reduce energy consumption:

As we all know, mining is extremely difficult task in the blockchain system, which requires a lot of electricity and money to complete. Artificial intelligence can get rid of the “brute force” mining method and manage tasks in a smarter and more efficient way.

Artificial intelligence assisted blockchain detection fraud:

Artificial intelligence, through extensive “learning”, makes it easy to detect and prevent fraud, which is now widely used in banking and e-commerce. When an abnormal credit card transaction occurs, the bank will automatically send a text message to remind the security risk; when the online shopping encounters a fake customer service staff, the e-commerce platform will automatically remind you to prevent fraud.

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