KeySpace in NoSQL database is just like a schema in regular RDBMS concept, Anyhow it does not have any concrete structure. In NoSQL database, there will be one keyspace per application.

A Keyspace contains column families or super columns. Each super column contains one or more column family, each column family contains at least one column.



Replication factor:

It is the total number of replicas across the cluster.



Replica Placement Strategy:

There are two types of strategies.

1. Simple Strategy

when you have One Data center, this strategy place the first replica on the node selected by partitioner and remaining replicas in clockwise direction.


Let us create a KeySpace i2Tutorials

Note:We used replication factor 3 which is ideal.

2. Network Topology Strategy

This is used when we have more than 2 data centers. This strategy places multiple replicas in each data.


Lets Create Keyspace called i2Tutorials.

Validate the KeySpace creation