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Cassandra – Data Model

Cassandra data model was clearly explained with detailed pictorial representations as below.


Column is a Key-value pair which also contains a time-stamp along with it.

Super Column

A Column that contains one or more columns (Array of columns) can be called as Super Column.

Column Family

A Column Family that contains columns of related data. Column Families are accessed by row keys.

Super Column Family

A row which consists a container for array of super columns accessed by their names. Like Column Families, Super Column Families are accessed by row keys.


KeySpace in NoSQL database is just like a schema in regular RDBMS concept, Anyhow it does not have any concrete structure. In NoSQL database , there will be one keyspace per application.

A Keyspace contains column families or super columns. Each super column contains one or more column family, each column family contains at least one column.