Before Installation of Cassandra , we need to go through some prerequisites. Below are the steps provided to install Cassandra on Linux environments.


Ensure that you have latest version of Java


  • Java 1.8
  • Python 2.7


1. Check the version of JDK in your linux system

2. If Java software is already existing then it should show like below

>> If you dont have the above, then go to Oracle Java SE Downloads, accept the license agreement, and download the installer for your distribution.

>> Download the rpm package for linux and give the below command.

>> Once after the installation you need to set the path for JAVA home location.

3. Verify the Java installation again

4. Create a User called Cassandra

5. Create home directory for cassandra

6. You need to set the path for Cassandra home location


Installation Procedure

1. Download Apache Cassandra 3.0 from

2. Use the following command to untar:

3. Move all the contents from apache-cassandra-3.0.13 to /cassandra

4. To configure Cassandra, go to the conf directory:

5. Single-node cluster installations only.

a. Start Cassandra:

NOTE: use -f to start Cassandra in the foreground

b. Verify Cassandra is running: