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Cerego (i2tutorials)


1. Category : Artificial Intelligence, Corporate Training, EdTech, Higher Education, Machine Learning

2. Domain : Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

3. Founders : Andrew Smith Lewis, Eric Young

4. Established : 2000

5. Number of Employees : 11- 50

6. Operating Status : Active

7. Funding status : Not Disclosed

8. Website : www.cerego.com

9. Country : San Francisco, California, United States

10. Latest in News: How the Army and Air Force Integrate AI Learning Into Combat Training.

Cerego is a learning platform used for neuroscience and cognitive science based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to make learning possible for anyone. They create a path for positive change in people’s lives and improves how people learn, no matter what they are learning.

They believe in solution based thinking to find a reasonable and practical solution and are inventive to pursue work with imagination and resourcefulness. In learning process they seek knowledge and provide feedback, it enhances in strengthening themselves, team, and product. They continuously strive for improve the learning process and the outcomes of those who use their platform.

The company aims to unlock the promise of education and training, ultimately helping people reaches their full potential. Till date almost 100 million memories have been created, 5 million concepts created, 1+ million users have worked through 12 million sets, and over 5 million hours spent learning.

The company gives the learner a personalized experience in mastering a learning module. With the help of data science it determines how fast or slow the learner goes through the module, and whether they answered the questions correctly.

Based upon this analysis it reminds them that they need to refresh some of the topics. Few go through the concepts just once; others might require two or three times. After which they are reminded at different intervals to re-learn the content.

Air Force began testing Cerego’s adaptive learning programs in Basic Military Training in December 2019. The software can teach anything to anyone. Till date, the Army and Air Force have both completed pilot programs using the software.

Software provides instructors with real-time feedback information on how well the students were doing. The trainees in the learning system pilot program will graduate in February 2020 and their results will then be analyzed for improvements in retention over traditional classroom instruction and out-of-class study.

The training instructors are already seeing improvements in not only how they teach the material, but how long it takes to teach it. The organization isn’t intended to replace the muscle memory aspects of military training or replace instructors.

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