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  • Category:- Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
  • Domain:- AI company
  • Founders:- Hajime Hotta, Miku Hirano, Yoshiaki Ieda
  • Established:- Oct 2012
  • Number:- 101-250
  • Operating Status:- Active
  • Funding Status:- Early Stage Venture
  • Website:- cinnamon.is/en/
  • Country:- Japan
  • Latest in news:- Cinnamon has raised a total of $17M in funding over 6 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Jan 28, 2019 from a Series B round.


Cinnamon AI is an AI-based document reader that extracts data from unstructured documents shared within an organization or in the industry. Cinnamon is a Global enterprise founded in Tokyo and now located in three other countries – US, Vietnam, and Taiwan. With the help of machine learning, deep learning, and Artificial intelligence we came up with three services that help in empowering the human potential and eliminate repetitive tasks. These services are – Flax Scanner, Lapis Engine, Scuro Bot.

While communicating internally there is a lot of data and information shared across various verticals, and this form of data is unstructured therefore extracting data from the information shared can become hectic for an employee. Flax Scanner is a system which helps in scanning documents, e-mails, application forms, and conversations and helps in extracting the required data from the information shared. After extracting and forming the data into structured information, the data is automatically entered into the management system. The text of the information where the data is being extracted from does not require being in a digital form as even a handwritten document can be scanned with the help of Flax Scanner.

Lapis Engine is a deep learning engine that uses various mechanisms to match and recommend users with the product information they require. It is an engine where filtering and content matching is done by the machines, which cannot be done by natural language. For example, on a Career information website or a real estate information website, Lapis Engine will be able to match your requirements with the relevant information instantly and provide you with the required data.

Customers across the globe have one problem with the chatbots that they respond like a machine. Since the response is generated with the help of a machine learning mechanism, the response provided might seem lifeless. Scuro Bot is a chatbot that will eliminate the machine feeling and will provide you with a natural language response. Scuro Bot is produced with a variety of mechanisms like machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, semantic understanding, and response correspondence, all these mechanisms help in providing a natural response to the users.

At Cinnamon, our aim is to provide a convenient workplace instead of rigid office policies. With the help of our systems like Flax Scanner, Lapis Engines, and Scuro Bot, you will be able to minimize the time taken to complete a process in the organization and will be able to increase the overall performance of the organization.

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