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Body Language

In today’s hard world, you don’t just need to “talk”, where your physical behavior i.e. body language talks about your:

  • Inner feelings
  • Positive emotions
  • Trust worthiness
  • Aggressiveness

All these feelings can be observed via. facial expressions, eye contact, gestures, postures and stance etc. Body Language is a physical behavior with conscious and unconscious movements and postures by which attitudes and feelings are communicated.


Factors which influence the Body language:

1. Eye Contact:

“Eyes are so transparent that through them ones see the soul”.
“Look in to the Eyes of a person when you talk to him”.

  • Too much of eye contact: dominance, lack of respect, threat and wish to insult.
  • Too little eye contact : not paying attention, impolite, insincere and shy.
  • Withdrawing eye : signal of submission.


2. Facial Expression:

  • Can Face Speak? Yes it does.
  • Happiness
  • Sadness
  • Displeasure
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • In trust

Facial Expression (i2tutorials)


3. Gestures:

Some of the common gestures and their meanings:

  • Finger Crossing : Protection
  • Nose Tapping : Mind your own business
  • Thumb upping : Best of luck/victory
  • Rubbing palm together: Positive expectation
  • Palm in palm : Authority
  • Hand gripping wrist : Frustration

Gestures (i2tutorials)


4. Postures and Stance:

  • Sagging : Depression
  • Forward lean : Positive attitude
  • Backward lean : Negative attitude
  • Arms held loose: Open positive attitude
  • Bowing head : Lower status
  • Arms folded across the chest: Unsympathetic

Posture and stance (i2tutorials)

“The impression make people on one another is based on; 60% on their appearance; 33%on the way in which they speak; 7% on what they say.”


Tips to Improve your Body Language:

  • Open your chest and arms and keep your back straight (one will feel more relaxed).
  • While communication with the receiver simply smile in order to make him/her comfortable.
  • Pay attention and have an eye to eye contact.
  • Use positive gestures i.e. Nodding head, open gestures, smiling etc..

Communication ends with the conversation, whereas body language starts with the expressing one’s feelings.