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Physical Communication

Physical Communication acts as a conveying message, is the form of symbols signs, gestures from one person to other person and is one form of the non-verbal communication.


Essentials of Physical Communication:

According to communication expert Amy Schumer, some examples include:

  • Nodding heading
  • Shaking hands
  • Having eye contact
  • Body posture
  • Facial expressions
  • Touch etc.

“Although physical communication has been undervalued and it is equally as essential as being able to speak or hear”.

Physical Communication (i2tutorials)

Example: In sport games, the ability to use and understand the signs and gestures is a necessary skill and they are used by the coach and players of that game.

Barriers of Physical Communication:

Physical barriers are the environmental and natural condition that acts as barriers in the communication.

  • Environment:Thunder, rain, wind and other environmental factors create noise & which cannot be stopped and disturbed the message flow.
  • Noise:It is other factor which interrupts the communication process and it makes the message less accurate, less production & unclear. It causes disruption in communication from sender to receiver.

Barriers of physical communication (i2tutorials)

  • Distance:The medium that is suitable for a particular distance with the least noise should be used for communication. If not, the medium itself acts as a communication barrier.
  • Information overflow:The information flow depends on the receiver. If the receiver does not have the capacity to get it all, then it can miss some points and leads to over flow of information.


How to improve on Physical Communication Skills:

  • Stress Management:In order to avoid such sign, take a break in between work or divert on something else in order to come out of stress.
  • Control Anxiety:If you realize you feel tensed; you can take a walk, take in a deep breath, talk to a close mate in order to come out of anxiety.
  • Eye Contact:Establish an eye contact with listener when communicating is the way of expressing your confidence.
  • Ask for meaning :

At a point of time if you are unable to understand the other person facial expression and gestures ask them what they mean.