In any conversation, if two people are communicating one of them is thinking and replying and other person is replying spontaneously, smartly, cleverly, in a funny way and without taking much time is called quick-wittedness.

If a person has ability to reply in a clever or funny way without thinking for a longer time then that can also be considered as quick-wittedness.

Essentials for Quick-Wittedness:

  • Intelligent, mentally keen, clever.
  • Able to reply in a funny way.
  • Spontaneous reply.
  • Communicate in a smarter way.
  • Inspire others while communicate.
  • Attracts others to communicate.
  • Good memory power.
  • Provides solutions to the problems.
  • Consume less time.
  • Have more potential to communicate.

Tips for becoming Quick-Wittedness:

  • Timing is very crucial:

    You have to come up with a response as quickly as possible.

  • Must be a good listener:

    Before replying/answering must listen the conversation keenly & then reply in a spontaneous way.

  • Try not being negative:

    Always come up with a positive reply, if reply is in a negative manner, critics would be more for your conversation.

  • Position & Witty comments:

    By replying back with positive & witty comments, you can gain the trust of the people.

  • Try to have Eye to Eye contact:

    Through which people understands you better and could feel comfortable while communicating.

  • Tone of your comments:

    It’s not always the content of your remarks that will make an impression, but the tone in which you make comeback or else it will be messed up.

  • Don’t be needy:

    Try to solve problems yourself, don’t beg for help and have some alone time and give people their space.

  • Be yourself:

    Don’t try to be someone else, accept yourself, and find your hidden talent.

  • Be friendly:

    Don’t force yourself on people, be friendly and don’t be eager.

  • Be a good conversationalist:

    Don’t dominate the conversation of others, be a good listener and make others feel happy with your conversation.

  • Use Humor:

    Learn to laugh at yourself and find humor in uneasy situation.

  • Speak up:

    Speak confidently, clearly and at good pace. Say what you mean and make sure your opinion is relevant.

Quick-Wittedness is a good way of communicating but don’t hurt feelings of others, while communicating. Always try to make people laugh with your conversations.