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Story Telling

People tend to show the keen interest to a story when ever they listen a boring classroom sessions / seminars or lectures etc. Story telling is an act in which a teller conveys a message information and knowledge to audience in an entertaining way.

Story Telling (i2tutorials)


Methods of Story Telling :

  • Story telling with movements:Stories that involve movements and gestures, that helps to the children and they can be easily understand the concept(hand movements,gestures) by them.
  • Story telling with accessories:While telling the story, if we use the accessories like box, paper, pen, or any thing, that will help to understand the concept easily.
  • Story telling with puppets:It is the oldest form of storytelling, where in villages the people use to enact the show with puppets and by using these puppets they telecast the whole show.
  • Story telling using picture clues:Picture clues involve a combination of words & pictures. Some people can’t remember the things easily but by seeing the pictures they can easily understand the concept.

Methods of storytelling (i2tutorials)


Benefits/Tips for Story Telling:

  • Promote a feeling of well being and relaxation.
  • Increase willingness to communicate their thoughts & feelings.
  • Encourage active participation.
  • Increase verbal proficiency.
  • Encourage use of imagination & creativity.
  • Encourage cooperation.
  • Enhance listening skills.
  • Tell yourself the story in your own words.
  • Create your own version of story.

Tips Story telling (i2tutorials)


  • Use your face, body & gesture (let your body speak).
  • Create a charismatic presence.
  • Always remember to regain your style as narration.
  • Be confident and dynamic.
  • Use silence & pause to add dramatic effect.
  • Communication must be interactive (two ways).
  • Have a clear focus & maintain the concentration.
  • Vary the volume, pitch & tempo of your voice.
  • Maintain eye contact with the audience/individual listeners.
  • Encourage active participation.

However Story telling is an art of making people to understand the concept without using the method of muggingup, only by listening carefully and understanding it.