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Verbal Communication

Verbal communication is a process of teaching, learning and forming bonds and building relationships with the other people.


Types of communication

  • Verbal Communication
  • Non Verbal communication


In this article, we are learning about Verbal communication and it’s importance.

And we may often think that, good communication skill is all about the ability to “speak well” or all about “speaking”.

But Verbal communication has another important part i.e. “Listening”.

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Essentials of Verbal Communication:

  • Tone
  • Volume
  • Word Choice
  • Speed

While transmitting any information to the sender one must be confident enough in his/her tone, the pitch or the volume while communicating should be neither low/high and it must be maintained in the same frequency.

The Choice of words should be in such a way that it is easily understandable by the listener. Talking too fast/slow will lead to confusion in the listener.

Hence all the 4 essentials are necessary while speaking to person.

The Verbal Communication skills can be further divided into two types.

  • 1. Oral Communication
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • 2. Written Communication
  • Writing
  • Reading

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Oral Communication:

It is a source to interaction between one to one or one to many i.e. via speech, video, radio,television,telephonic-conversation,discussions,debates, grapevine (rumor/gossips), conference, meetings, presentations, workshops, seminars etc.Hence all these involves listening as well as speaking.


Written Communication:

It conveys the facts of the content by a medium of writing as well as Reading.It can be via Email, Letters, Reports and memo. While writing one must be conscious in following the etiquettes, format, style, headings, subject matter, content must be crisp and clear and finally the most important part is conclusion.

Once the writing part is done, go through the content by reading.

Written Communication (i2tutorials)


Misunderstanding arises while communicating, such as poor word of choice, differing perspectives, breakdown in communications.

Challenges (i2tutorials)

Language barrier is the major cause of confusion, when attempting to communicate verbally.


Prevention’s/Solutions for Verbal Communication:

There are certain difficulties with verbal communication that can’t be completely avoided but can overcome it. such as..

  • Think before you speak
  • Pay attention to the speaker
  • Speak clearly
  • Must be attentive listener
  • Be confident, whatever you speak