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Visual Communication

The things which we see visually can be memorized easily than the things that have been communicated / interacted (heard) orally.

Communication of ideas through visual images, videos, drawings, graphics and advertisements are called as Visual Communication.

It can also be communicated by sending & receiving messages. By increasing technology, we are communicating by what’s app video call, google video call, skype video call etc. Hence we are able to communicate easily from one place to another place.

The eye always attracted towards colored elements, in olden days only black & white images/elements are available, by change in technology graphics, web-designing,visual creations,imagination and creativity developing to a greater extent the complete scenario was changed.

Visual communication (i2tutorials)


Advantages of Visual Communication:

Now-a-day’s business organization is adopting visual communication because they are becoming beneficial for many reasons.The following are some of the advantages of visual communication.

  • Effective for Illiterates:If the person is illiterate the visual communication will help him to understand the concept easily.
  • Helps in Oral communication:If the sender is using visual communication along with oral communication then the receiver is able to group the things easily and can also understand the concept easily.
  • Easy Explanation:The sender can easily able to explain the concept by viewing the presentation and can be able to communicate orally.
  • Simple Presentation:If the presentation is simple with pictures, diagrams, graphs without making any complex information then it would be easily understandable by the receiver.
  • Minimize time:Time constraint would be less in order to consume the concept by the receiver and there is no need of elaborate explanation by the sender.
  • Quick Decision making:It is one of the most effective advantage in visual communication when the information is transferred quickly,then the people can make quick and correct decisions.

Advantage of visual communication (i2tutorials)


Disadvantages of Visual Communication:

  • Costly:Comparing with oral communication visual Communication is more costly, as the visual effects and graphics increases the amount of money.
  • Difficult to understand:Some times the visuals and graphics which are implemented, are not easily understandable and it becomes complex to reach the receiver.
  • Misunderstanding:The visual conveys the different meaning to the different mindset of people. Hence it becomes misunderstanding or confusion to communication.
  • Complex presentation:If the presentation of ideas/thoughts are more complex then it becomes difficult to understand.
  • Others:Ambiguity, situational procedure delay in taking decision etc.

People are more attracted towards visual communication, as they are conveying messages via advertisement,short films,interactive web designs and animations etc..