/    /  Computer Vision – Interview Questions Part 6

1. Define Resolutions?

Answer: Resolution is defined as the smallest number of discernible detail in an image.Spatial resolution is the smallest discernible detail in an image and gray level resolution refers to the smallest discernible change is gray level.


2. What Is Image Translation And Scaling?

Answer: Image translation means reposition the image from one co-ordinate location to another along straight line path. Whereas, Scaling refers to alter the size of the object or image (ie) a co-ordinate system is scaled by a factor.


3. What Do You Meant By Shrinking Of Digital Images?

Answer: Shrinking may be viewed as under sampling. If an image is been shrinked by one half, we delete every row and column. To reduce possible aliasing effect, it is a good idea to blue an image slightly before shrinking it.


4. Explain Subjective Brightness And Brightness Adaptation?

Answer: Subjective brightness means intensity as preserved by the human visual system .Brightness adaptation means the human visual system can operate only from scotopic to glare limit. It cannot operate over the range simultaneously. It performs large variation by changes in its overall intensity.


5. What Are The Steps Involved In Dip?

Answer:They are as follows.

Image Acquisition



Representation and Description

Recognition and Interpretation