/    /  Computer Vision – Interview Questions Part 9

1. How can we Increase the Quality of an Image?

Answer: Image enhancement process is purely dependent on the application where we need to use the enhanced image and the type of degradation in the image. Few solutions from my basic knowledge

If image contain so much noises, apply filtering operations such as mean/median etc.

If the image is looking too dark or too bright apply histogram equalization process to improve the contrast.

If the image is blurred apply sharpening operations in the image.


2. What Is Image Transform?

Answer: An image can be expanded in terms of a discrete set of basis arrays called basis images. Hence, these basis images can be generated by unitary matrices. An NxN image can be viewed as an N^2×1 vectors. It provides a set of coordinates or basis vectors for vector space.


3. What Do You Meant By Zooming Of Digital Images?

Answer: Zooming may be viewed as over sampling. Zooming involves the creation of new pixel locations and the assignment of gray levels to those new locations.


4. What Is The Need For Transform?

Answer: The need for transform is most of the signals or images are time domain signal (ie) signals can be measured with a function of time. This representation is not always best. Any person of the mathematical transformations is applied to the signal or images to obtain further information from that signal. Particularly, for image processing.


5. List The Hardware Oriented Color Models?

Answer: They are as follows.

RGB model

CMY model

YIQ model

HSI model