/    /  Computer Vision – Interview Questions Part 8

1. Specify The Elements Of Dip System?

Answer: They are as follows.

Image Acquisition





2. What Is Hue And Saturation?

Answer: Hue is a color attribute that describes a pure color where saturation gives a measure of the degree to which a pure color is diluted by white light.


3. What Is Luminance?

Answer: Luminance measured in lumens (lm), gives a measure of the amount of energy an observer perceiver from a light source.


4. What Is Simultaneous Contrast?

Answer: The region reserved brightness not depends on its intensity but also on its background. All centre square have same intensity. Hence, they appear to the eye to become darker as the background becomes lighter.


5. What Is Recognition And Interpretation?

Answer: Recognition means is a process that assigns a label to an object based on the information provided by its descriptors. Interpretation means assigning meaning to a recognized object.