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  • Category:- Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Integration, Enterprise Software, Machine Learning
  • Domain:- Data Science Studio, the tool that lets data scientists and analysts do machine learning on any (dirty) data.
  • Founders:-  Clément Stenac, Florian Douetteau, Marc Batty, Thomas Cabrol
  • Established:- 2013
  • Number:- 101-250
  • Operating Status:- Active
  • Funding Status:- Late Stage Venture
  • Website:- www.dataiku.com
  • Country:- United States
  • Latest in news:- Documentary Data Science Pioneers Hits the Big Screen

Verifiable Facts About Dataiku

Dataiku is a privately-owned computer software firm founded in 2013. The company was started by Thomas Cabrol, Marc Batty, Clement Stenac, and Florian Douetteau. Currently, the firm serves continents such as the US and Europe but hopes to expand to other regions. Dataiku’s headquarters are situated in New York City, US.

In 2019, the Dataiku company boasts of approximately two hundred professional employees, recruited on merit. The company’s main product is the Dataiku Data Science studio. Dataiku Data Science Studio (DDSS) is an invention that facilitates effective predictive modeling to develop marketable business software applications. The company enjoys an approximated yearly revenue of $12 Million.

What does the Dataiku Company deal with?

Dataiku company is the brain behind the Dataiku Data Science Studio (DDSS). The data science software enables engineers and scientists to deliver data products efficiently. Since DSS is systemized and has an analytic program, it contains a clear visual interface and an integrated coding.

Characteristics of the Dataiku’s DSS software

  • Data flow
  • Contains models in production
  • Data visualization
  • Machine learning
  • Governance and security
  • Data Wrangling
  • Workflows deployment
  • Easy connectivity

Merits of Dataiku’s DSS over other similar products

Clients can access DSS conveniently; Unlike other products that restrict access of data at specific locations, a DSS’ user can quickly access data from wherever they are regardless of time. Additionally, the service has no restriction on the size of data a user can access.

DSS has several connectors; Interestingly, when using DSS, a user can explore and make preparations without affecting storage, access, or formatting concerns. The software contains over 20 connectors

DSS has a customer-friendly dashboard; Users can quickly navigate to different pages fast and with ease. Additionally, the user can also generate visualizations and get to interactive charts. There are also multiple pre-installed charts formats with which users can drag and drop data for automatic computation of charges.

Quick retrieval of data; Daitaku DSS has over ninety pre-installed processors in it. These processors greatly simplify filtering, searching, and running of code. What’s more, DSS users are at liberty to make necessary customizations of solutions using a transformation technique.

Who are employed at Dataiku?

Dataiku company mainly focuses on exploring artificial intelligence. Therefore, most of their workers are IT, experts. However, they accommodate diverse careers such as;

  • Data scientist
  • Data engineer
  • IT engineer
  • Business analysts

Has Dataiku received any funding since it began?

Given the complexity and vision, the company has received funding from several organizations. Some of them include;

  • Alven Capital-$3.6Million
  • FirstMark-$14Million
  • Battery-$28 Million
  • ICONiQ-$101 Million

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