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Database Administration

Database Administration is the management and maintenance of database management systems. And a database administrator is a person, who has control over both the data as well as the programs that access the data. 


The functions of a DBA are:


  • Schema Definition: Creates the original database by executing a set of data definition statements in DDL.



  • Storage Structure and access method definition: The DBA will select a suitable storage structure and method to access data based on the type of database.




  • Schema and Physical Organization Modification: The DBA modifies the schema and the physical organization to align with the changing needs of the organization or to enhance performance.



  • Granting of Authorization for data access: The database administrator can regulate which parts of the database various users can access, by granting different types of authorization.


  • Routine Maintenance: The tasks are :
  1. To prevent loss of data, we need to periodically back up the database, either onto tapes or onto remote servers.
  2. Ensuring the availability of free disk space for normal operations and upgrading disk space as required.
  3. Monitoring processes running on the database and safeguarding performance from decreasing by very expensive tasks submitted by some users.


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