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Introduction to SQL

Rules in SQL


The following rules are followed in SQL:

  • It is not case sensitive. SQL keywords are written in uppercase.
  • Statements are subject to text lines. A single statement can be used on one or more text lines. 
  • The SQL statements can be used to perform most of the actions in a database.
  • It depends on the tuple relational calculus and relational algebra.

Process in SQL

  • When a SQL command is performed for any Relational Database System, then the system computes the best way to carry out the request and the SQL engine decides how to interpret the task.
  • In the process, various components are involved. These components can be optimization engine, query engine, query dispatcher, classic, etc.
  • All the non-SQL queries are managed by the classic query engine, but SQL query engine won’t manage logical files.


Introduction To SQL  Part 2