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Types of Database

Cloud Database

This is a service that is built to access data on a cloud platform. This helps the users to store their data on a virtual platform and not spend it on hardware devices. 


These databases can be accessed from any web interface or with an API key. It has the functions of a general database with the added ability of expanded storage space. 

The data that is stored on the cloud can be said to be safe even when encountered with a natural disaster. Your data remains on the cloud platform safely. 

The most commonly used Cloud databases are:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google cloud
  • IBM Cloud Services
  • iCloud

Hierarchical Database

In hierarchical databases, the data is organized in the form of a tree. A parent-children relation is set here. Each parent node can have multiple children nodes. But one child can have only one parent node. 

Network Database

This database uses nodes and links to connect different data sets similar to that of a hierarchical database. Here each node can have multiple children and parent nodes to form a graphical Structure.


Object-Oriented Database

Here data is stored in the form of objects similar to the objects used in object-oriented programming languages. These objects have different properties and methods. 


Object-Oriented Database integrates Relational databases as well as fundamentals of object-oriented programming. 


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