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Deconstructing the Myths that surround Artificial Intelligence (i2tutorials)

Deconstructing the Myths that surround Artificial Intelligence

When app builders meet with their new clients, artificial intelligence is a topic that is bound to come up more than once. We are well past the days of AI as a passing curiosity. App builders offer the guidance that allows clients to steer clear of the normal issues that take place when AI is being implemented.

As recently as a few years ago, it seemed impossible to find anyone who could carry on a serious discussion about these matters. Now that the new wave has become a part of everyday reality, it is time for businesses to learn more about the myths that keep some companies from achieving their goals.

This is a time when many are trying their best to make their way onto the bandwagon. During moments like these, the rules can be tough to understand. There are a wide range of ideas in circulation but these ideas can come at the expense of the facts that need to be considered.

There are a number of observers who continue to claim that artificial intelligence is not ready to be used by app builders on the corporate level. Fortunately, artificial intelligence is already benefiting from the decades of research that have been taking place. While there is a lack of real time experience that needs to be taken into account, this does not mean that AI cannot be used at the corporate level.

This myth is perpetrated by those who do not possess the proper amount of patience. Artificial intelligence implementation is not always going to go as smoothly as a business would like. These systems are not guaranteed to provide the correct answer as soon as they are used. It takes for the system to garner the information needed.

The underlying mathematical models and algorithms need more time to mature before they can carry out all of the necessary functions. These systems are much like human beings in that way. A human is going to need real time experience and an artificial intelligence model is no different.

Real world experience is the only way to collect data. There are no shortcuts in this regard. The algorithms must go through their own trial and error. While it is true that artificial intelligence is not ready to be used at the corporate level immediately, this should not stop forward thinking companies from meeting with app builders to learn more about their options.

It’s not exactly fair to judge these sorts of solutions during the early stages of implementation. This is a common error and it causes undue frustration for businesses that are looking to get the most out of their models. The solutions need to be given time to learn and this is something that forward thinking businesses (and app builders) need to remember.

Thanks to the real world experience that these systems have already been offered, various advancements have been made. Natural Language Processing is one of the most widely adopted aspects of artificial intelligence currently. Traditional analytics allow software vendors to construct potential solutions, without any access to information.

A business may blame the failure of their artificial intelligence initiatives on outside factors. This is because they have allowed themselves to become seduced by myths. The algorithms and academic methods that have been used to create this technology are sound. Where the business takes it from there is up to them. It is all about the infrastructure that the business creates.

Are the adoption techniques sound? Have they been integrated properly? What about the architecture that supports them? These are all questions that must be answered before a business is able to fully enjoy the advantages that artificial intelligence has to offer.

There are also certain myths to unpack from a security standpoint. Many clients meet with app builders to discuss artificial intelligence, assuming that these systems have the ability to defend themselves naturally. Yes, there are some artificial intelligence systems that have the ability to defend themselves without anyone’s help.

This is not the norm, though. No company should automatically expect their AI systems to take the necessary self defense measures. Because of this misconception, there are still a wide range of businesses that believe that their AI is supposed to be entirely self sufficient.

The systems are comprised of various algorithms, as opposed to traditional systems comprised of data. This is what creates the illusion of complete and total safety. In reality, these systems are just as susceptible to hackers as any traditional setup. If businesses are not meeting with app builders to find out more about the proper security procedures before the systems go live, there are no shortage of issues that are going to occur.

AI systems are also able to develop bias and this is another area where misunderstandings take place. Eliminating social bias is simple enough. However, companies must put in the time and effort to study all of the other forms of bias that take place when it comes to artificial intelligence. Developing new methods, tools and considering all variables is of the utmost importance.

Businesses may struggle to implement artificial intelligence systems when they allow themselves to be swayed by the most commonly circulated myths. Accountability, governance and ethics must all be handled by the leaders of an organization that is looking to make the necessary advancements. Otherwise, they will fall victim to the same myths and misconceptions that have plagued so many others.

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