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Difference between Element and Component in ReactJs

Difference between Element and Component in ReactJs


ReactJS, is so popular among today’s top development platforms. It was initially designed to construct web app components, but finally it explores with a wide range of use cases. React.js is preferred for creating dynamic UIs and web apps faster. The elements, instances, and components work differently in React. Despite their functional differences, they work collaboratively with application development.

Let’s discuss the major differences between React elements and components practically.

React components

React components are reusable building blocks in UI. In other words React components are independent units of code that serve as JavaScript functions. There are two types of components in React.js.

  • Functional Component
  • Class Component

A class component is a set of methods that give an application functionality, whereas a functional component is a JavaScript-like function that provides React JSX as output during the execution.

Below example shows one Functional component:

const App = () => {
    return (
           <h1>Hello React from localhost</h1>
<h2>Welcome to React, Best frontend Framework</h2>

React component may be defined once but used numerous times as a React element in JSX. If we take example of an Instagram web UI, there are multiple components involved. All components merge in a parent component, which will be the final UI of application shown below:

Difference between Element and Component in ReactJs

Finally what we conclude is that, The Components are just a combination of HTML code and CSS code for styling, JavaScript code adds some logic.

React Element

React element is something that describes DOM nodes and properties virtually. It holds the component related information such as component type, child elements, colour and other attributes. Take a look at the below code.

const root = ReactDOM.createRoot(
const element = <h1> Hello React from local host </h1>;


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