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What is the difference between pip and conda?



  • “pip Installs Packages”(recursive) is a Python package installer. It downloads and installs packages which we need. 
  • It is by far the best package manager in terms of package availability (235,000 packages are available). It makes package maintenance a lot easier for developers.
  •  It doesn’t support multiple versions of the same package installed, so we can’t maintain two projects using different versions of the same package. 
  • We’ll often face Compilation Errors as it uses our compiler for many packages, which could be incompatible and also compiles everything from the source.
  • It can’t differentiate between various python versions, Python 2, Python 3, Python 3.5 or 3.6? 
  • It doesn’t have an In-built Virtual Environment Management System.



  • It is a packaging tool and an installer that aims to do more than what pip does.
  • It allows us to maintain and use different versions of the same package. We can easily work with any of the versions of Python. 
  • The tendency of getting compiler errors is very low as it compiles packages before publishing to the package repository.
  • 1,500+ packages are published and maintained in the PyPI. The installation process is a lot easier and also optimizes the user experience.
  • It is not only a package manager but also an environment manager. It can create a virtual environment and also has an In-built Virtual Environment Management System. 
  • It isolates different python versions and also the package versions so they don’t interact with each other. 
  • The compilation of packages is expensive in terms of both space and time.


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