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DJI (i2tutorials)


  • Category:- Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, Drones, Manufacturing, Photography, Wireless
  • Domain:- Manufactures innovative drone and camera technology
  • Founders:- Frank Wang
  • Established:- Nov 2006
  • Number:- 10001
  • Operating Status:- Active
  • Funding Status:- Undisclosed
  • Website:- www.dji.com
  • Country:- China
  • Latest in news:- Good, Cheap and Fast — The Best Cheap Smartphone Gimbals of 2019

DJI is an innovative videography and photography technology company, where we develop and manufacture drones and cameras for commercial and recreational purposes. We have been providing drone technology to the Music, film and the television industry for years now and have provided great camera technology for K-Pop music videos. Our drone technology is known for its excellent creative engineering of the cameras and the high definition resolutions cameras provide directors and cinematographers with great results at an affordable price.

We provide a wide variety of products to our customers across the globe, from action cameras to camera gimbals, camera stabilizers, flight platforms, propulsion systems, and flight control systems we provide various types of aerial photography and videography technology to our customers. Our camera drone technology also won an award in the year 2017 for the ‘Technology & Engineering Emmy Award’ and became the world-leading manufacturers and developers for drones and cameras. The smart controllers developed by us for the drones are known for providing high-end technology like LED screen (ultra-bright display), GPS locator, Bluetooth connectivity, full HD transmission technology and more. You can instantly share the videos and images captured with your drone into your phone with the help of Bluetooth and wifi connectivity options in the smart controller.

DJI was first founded in Hong Kong in the year 2006 and later expanding into various parts of the globe, establishing branches in various parts of different countries. The Ronin series provides ground-based cinematography and aerial filmmaking experience to the professional filmmakers and the Ronin S and SC version are known for being a lightweight camera that can be used while travelling. The Mavic series is our flagship drone as the Mavic 2, launched in the year 2018, was considered as the benchmark for the consumer drones available in the market. It is a foldable drone which can be transported wherever you want without damaging the product. Mavic 2 is also known for consisting 360 degrees sensors which help in avoiding obstacles and prevent the drone from crashing. This kind of technology is only present in our products and you would be able to utilize the best out of the products offered by us. The spread wings series of products offered by us is an industrial UAVs mostly used for rescue and surveillance, professional aerial photography, 3D mapping and more. You can also see the products and accessories a=section to view all the products offered by us.

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