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Do you know AI is stopping the next great flu before it starts

More than 180,000 Americans have been hospitalized and 10,000 more have died in recent months, according to the CDC, while the coronavirus has spread across the globe at an alarming rate.

Growing worldwide flu outbreak has even prompted the precautionary cancelling of MWC 2020 — barely a week before it was slated to open in Barcelona.

Drug Development in 2019 study in Tufts Center scientist said, developing a single drug treatment costs $2.6 billion on average more than double in 2003, 12 percent entering clinical development ever gaining FDA approval.

Researchers can use an AI to sort through massive databases of candidate compounds and systematically trying each potential treatment manually; recommend the ones most likely to be effective.

 In 2019 scientist said that, there’s got to be some sort of systematic way of looking at large amounts of data .Doctors discovered that a metabolite of terbinafine (TBF-A) was the cause of the liver damage.

Becker noted that, this external data can come from either open or subscription journals as well as from patents and the company’s research partners. AI on metabolic pathways and had the machine figure out the potential ways in which the liver could break down terbinafine into TBF-A, regardless of the source, “we spend a lot of time cleaning it.

Source: engadget

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