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  • Category:- Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Human Resources, Information Technology, Recruiting, Software
  • Domain:- AI-powered platform
  • Founders:- Ashutosh Garg, Varun Kacholia
  • Established:- 2016
  • Number:- 101-250
  • Operating Status:- Active
  • Funding Status:- Late Stage Venture
  • Website:- eightfold.ai
  • Country:- San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, West Coast
  • Latest in news:- Eightfold is funded by 4 investors. Lightspeed Venture Partners¬†and¬†Foundation Capital are the most recent investors.

Eightfold is the industry’s first Intelligence-based talent platform where we believe that everyone deserves the right job. Everyone is meant to do something and we will help you find the right talent for your organization. We have a team who are experts when it comes to artificial intelligence, machine learning, enterprise solutions and more, and we make sure to utilize all the resources available for solving employment issues and talent acquisition problem in the industry. We don’t only offer services for hiring the right talent we also offer services and programs which will help you and your company retain the right talent for your organization. The name Eightfold is derived from the Buddhist philosophy where it refers to the path where each person is guided to Wisdom and Nirvana. Similarly, our goal is to empower them to choose the career they want and successfully achieve their goals and aspirations.

Eightfold is the first-ever Digital HR where you will be able to find the right talent with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence). It is a networking platform where you get to create your own set of networking groups like contactors for talent, job seekers, past applicants, employees, clients, partners, and the list goes on. When you create your own networking platform and with the help of AI, you will be able to shortlist the applicants or employees whose talent can be used in the desired job post.

How do we make sure that all employees attain equal exposure?

The digital platforms help in sorting out the talent according to the required factors like relevant skills, years of experience, education and more. The combinations of deep learning, personalization, optimization, and Equal Opportunity Algorithms; we came up with this platform which will help in ensuring that you will use the right talent and are able to provide equal exposure to all of your employees.

The deep learning technology empowers you with billions of data and talent available in the market and sorts out the relevant talent required. This method or program will help in finding the relevant candidate out of internal and external sources and provides unbiased talent records. This platform helps in reducing the time taken for screening the applicants and helps in finding the candidates who are highly qualified and are interested in your company. This process will help in reducing the time taken and the process to hire the right candidate for the desired job post and will help in increasing the retention rate of your organization.

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