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Explain all Zero centered activation Functions

Ans: Tanh or Hyperbolic Tangent Function is the Zero centered Activation Function. Range of values of Tanh Function is from -1 to +1 whose mid value is 0.

The Activation Function which is better than Sigmoid Function is Tanh function which is also called as Hyperbolic Tangent Activation Function. Similar to Sigmoid Function it is also have simple Derivative function. Range of values of Tanh function is from -1 to +1. It is of S shape with Zero centered curve.

Due to this, Negative inputs will be mapped to Negative, zero inputs will be mapped near Zero. Tanh function is monotonic that is it neither increases nor decreases while its derivative is not monotonic.

Hyperbolic Tangent Function: tanh(x) = (ex – e-x) / (ex + e-x)

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